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General Frequently Asked Questions

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What is "Club Sport"?


Club Sport organizes adult sports leagues, social events, and other fun and recreational activities (more info here). It has been in continuous operation since 1995 and has over 60,000 league participants annually throughout Florida. There are also locations in Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Pensacola, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale ( Club Sport is a great way to stay active and meet new people. 


Who's in the Club?


Club Sport is made up of mainly young, active professionals looking to get out and enjoy some friendly competition or exciting social events. Ages range from 18 to 60, with most of our participants in their 20's and 30's. People from all walks of life and professions are represented in the Club, bound by the common interest of playing sports and staying active.


How old do I have to be?


You must be 18 to play in any Club Sport league. However, since many Club Sport events include alcohol, the age minimum is 21 for these events.


Will I meet people?


YES!!! If you are new to the area or just looking to expand your horizons, Club Sport is an excellent, low pressure way to meet some great people. All Club Sport functions offer a friendly and safe atmosphere in which to interact using the desire to play sports as a common interest. In fact, a number of Club Sport members have met their perfect match or best friends right there on the field. More than one on field proposal has taken place at the games.


What sports do you offer?


Orlando Club Sport's main sports are flag football, soccer, softball, volleyball and kickball. We also may have leagues in golf, tennis, basketball, bowling, cornhole, and more! We also do tournament for other sports such as dodgeball, poker and certain other "unique" single day sports (putt putt for example). We offer single sex and coed sports, depending on the league. We are always looking for new sport and leagues that would be popular among our members, so if you have any ideas...let us know!


What is the difference in advertised skill levels?


Club Sport advertises its sports based on a number of skill levels. Play at whatever level is comfortable for you, but remember, it's all for fun!! This is a general classification and may vary depending on the league.


    REC: just for fun, little or no league experience, less serious players

    INTER: athletic and/or has previous league experience, moderately competitive

    COMP: very experienced, skilled players. more serious players and teams

    OPEN: only one division offered, mixture of players and skill levels will be encountered


I don't know anyone, how can I get on a team?


Club Sport specializes in finding teams for individuals. Just sign up as an individual and we'll work to find a spot for you either on an existing team or if we have enough individuals, we'll make a new team. Many of our long time players started out in Club Sport as individuals placed on teams. But make sure to sign up early to guarantee a spot on a team. As a free agent, we'll contact you via email 3-4 days before the league starts with your first game time, team information, and other details.


Club Sport places, to the best of its ability, indivuduals on a "first come, first serve" basis. We are not always able to place all individuals. Individiuals will not be charged unless a team is found for them. Your spot "in line" is not guaranteed without a credit card holding your spot. In coed leagues, a guy has a MUCH better chance of finding a team if signing up with a female. 


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



What happens if I am not placed on a team?


In the rare event we do not have room to place you on a team, we'll keep your name on a list if a spot opens up or for the following season. Plus, we do not charge the league fee or deposit your check until we actually place you on a team.


What if I have a partial team but am short players?


Go ahead and submit what you have and let us know you need some players. We'll usually have a list of individuals looking to get on a team and we'll fill out your team for you. If we are able to add players their fee will be deducted from your team payment, minus a $10 admin fee.


How does the "Team Payer" work?


Check it out here. TEAM PAYER allows a captain to split their team payment up among team members.  A captain logs on and forms a team using a credit card that is held and not charged yet. The captain then invites players to join through the system and assigns how much each player owes. The player is automatically emailed a link where they can log on and pay their fee with a credit card (or arrange another form of payment). There is a $2 service charge added to this fee. The teammates have until the day the league starts to pay their share (or Friday for a weekend league). Any balance remaining at that point is charged to the captain's card. Check out our TEAM PAYER VIDEO HERE.


If I am putting in a team, how many players can I have?


Each league and/or location has a set ROSTER SIZE. Your team payment includes any number of players up to this number. If you require players over this number you will be charged $10 a person in excess of the roster size. Get more info on TEAM SIZE POLICIES HERE.


Can I sandbag my team? 


Registering for a specific division does not guarantee placement in that division. The league reserves the right to move teams based on past results or team makeup. 


If I played last season, should I assume I am on a team the following season?


NO. Each season is different and seperate. Either your captain needs to add you to the team again or you need to sign up on your own again.


How can I sign up and pay?


There are a number of ways to sign up and pay. The easiest is online on our secure registration page. Just choose what league or leagues your are signing up for, enter your personal information, and submit your credit card info. We'll contact you via email 3-4 days before the league starts with your first game time, team information, and other details.


Or if you just want to re-register your team, you can call or shoot an email and we can simply do it on our ent.


What if I don't register and pay by the deadline?


If you don't register and pay by the deadline, you may not get on a team of your choosing, or get on a team at all depending on availability.


If I register by the deadline am I guaranteed a spot in the league?


No - we are first come, first serve. Many of our leagues sell out BEFORE the deadline. Sign up early as possible to guarantee your spot.


What other events do you have?


Club Sport also offers other events and outing to keep you busy. We have events such as bowling nights, kickball and putt-putt tournaments, baseball and hockey game outings, happy hours, and trips.


What does the price of a league include?


Once you pay your league fee, everything else is more hidden fees. Most leagues include 7 regular season games plus everyone makes a tournament at the end. The tournament champs get prizes. Leagues include paid referees and everyone gets a team t-shirt (coming soon, excluding certain sports). Standing, stats, and schedules are kept up-to-date online.


Do the league champions win anything?


YES! The league champion prize varies from season to season. In the past we have given out long sleeve tees, sweatshirts, ball caps, floppy hats, soft sided coolers, water bottle holders, folding sports chairs, duffle bags, and more! Got any ideas for a championship prize? Let us know! PLUS, all league champions drink for free at our championship party following each season.


What if it is raining on the night I play?


Do not assume the games are cancelled if it is raining where you are. Call the Club Sport rainout number at 407-553-6588 to see if your game is rained out. You can also have rainout info texted or emailed to you - just sign up for this service at We try our best to get games in and may wait until closer to game time to cancel a game. And please remember, sometimes game cancellation is out of our control. We use a number of city fields where the city will close the field due to the weather, even though you may think it is playable. More detailed info in on our WEATHER PAGE HERE.


What happens if I get injured?


Participants play with Club Sport at their own risk. Athletic endeavors can be inherently dangerous. Club Sport does not provide health insurance to any players and does not refund players' fees if they are injured - nor are refunds given if you move, schedule changes, don't like your team, etc...sorry! Players should know the risks and think twice about playing if they do not have health insurance coverage.


How can I get your newsletter and e-mail alerts?


Go to our mailing list page to submit your name and email address and you'll get our online newsletter and keep you up-to-date on events and leagues.


Do you need help?


Always! We are always looking for qualified referees for all of our leagues. Also we need league coordinators to help run the leagues out at the fields. Interested, click here to submit your interest. Plus, we always need volunteers at our happy hours and signups at the first night of a league. Volunteers can earn free sports with the hours they put in.


What if I have a business that wants to advertise with Club Sport?


There are many ways for businesses to partner with Club Sport. We offer advertising spots on our website at very inexpensive prices and commitments as short as a month. Plus you can become a club sponsor by offering discounts to our members and get a link on our sponsors page on the website. For more information about advertising and sponsorships check out our SPONSORSHIP PAGEemail or call the office.