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Frequently Asked Questions about the new website


Starting the Spring 2021 season, Orlando Sport & Social will become Orlando Club Sport and will introduce a new website that will be easier to use and have more flexibility. Basically a new way to sign up and maintain your teams. This will include some policy read below! 


WEBSITE & REGISTRATION FAQ (frequently asked questions)


Q: How different will the website be and why now?

A: Completely! We been working on an all new look, navigation, and registration process. We'll have some of the same content but with a completely revised format.


Q: Why can't I see my Winter 2021 schedules or standings?

A: To see any activity from Winter 2021 (or earlier) still visit Registration for the Spring leagues will be on this site and eventually the old site will be phased out.


Q: How will this affect pricing?

A: Teams will still be able to pay the team fee as well as pay indivudallly. Team prices will initially be unchanged. However roster sizes will be capped per sport, and any players over this cap will be $10 per person. This keeps the integrity of the rosters and competitiion in tact and ensures that players only are added that have an actual intent on joining the team and participating. Also look for the addition of EARLY BIRD PRICING to give discounts to teams that sign up at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the league.


Q: So that said, how many players can I have?

A: Each sport and league has a roster maximum. This is how many players you can add to your team for that team fee. Any players over that maximum is $10 per player. Let's use coed softball as an example again. The roster maximum is 14. So for $585 you can have 14 on your roster. You can either sign up 14 initially, or less. If you sign up less - say 10 - you have 4 extra roster spots you can use and add players anytime through the final game of the season. Once you add your 14th player, any more is $10 per person, payable BEFORE the player plays. Get more info one our TEAM SIZE POLICIES HERE.


Q: What other specifics about the rosters have changed?

A: The other change of note is that you cannot REPLACE signed players. Once a player has signed onto your roster, they cannot be replaced and will always be counted toward your roster maximum. So team captains - please be cautious about adding a player just to help for one game if you might plan on adding more later.


Q: What is TEAM PAYER and how does that help my team?

A: One of the biggest complaints we get is team captains don't like putting in teams because it's hard to collect money from their players. We now have TEAM PAYER and here is how it works. A captain logs on and forms a team using a credit card that is held and not charged yet. The captain then invites players to join through the system and assigns how much each player owes. The player is automatically emailed a link where they can log on and pay their fee with a credit card (or arrange another form of payment). There is a $2 service charge added to this fee. The teammates have until the day the league starts to pay their share (or Friday for a weekend league). Any balance remaining at that point is charged to the captain's card. 


Q: I had my links saved for my leagues, will they work?

A: They might for a time, but you should log on to your player page to see your personalized schedules and team pages. The system knows what teams you're on and you can RSVP to games, chat with your team, follow schedules and standings right there.


Q: How will I know when I play?

A: The best way is to create an account and opt in to GAME REMINDER emails. You'll get an email the morning of your game with your game time, field #, location, etc. (Friday's for weekend leagues). Or you can still go online and look up any schedule for your team. Paper schedules/standings at the field will be discontinued.


Q: I sign up on my own or in small groups usually - what has changed with this?

A: The big change is that we will not charge your card when you sign up! There's no risk! You submit your payment info and only be charged when we find you a team. The pricing for singles and individuals is roughly the same for all leagues. You sign up, submit a credit card, and wait to get placed. You'll find out if you are placed 2-3 days before a league starts. One change is that in addition to the placement email you get, you can log on to your account to find out your placement status. If we find you a team then your card will be charged when the league starts. To complete the sign up process you must submit a credit card - this is the only way to guarantee your spot. If you must pay with cash or check, mention this in the comments section - you'll still need to input a card to hold your spot but it won't be charged unless you don't bring us payment. 


Q: Do I have to use a credit card to sign up a team? What if I don't have one or a company pays our fee with a check?

A: When you initially sign up a team you still need a credit card to secure your spot. Then let us know in the comments section, with a call or email, that you will be using a company check and when we can expect it. We can hold off on charging the card on file until we receive it. However you are still responsible for payment and your card will be charged should the check not be received in a timely manner. 


Q: Any changes to your rainout line?

A: Yes we have a dedicated rainout phone line, app, and text alerts. You can find it all out at The rainout line is 407-553-6588 and you can also sign up to get text alerts or use the app! 


Q: After this are you done or are there more changes?

A: YES - hopefully starting Summer 2021 we'll be including colored team shirts for most sports! Also check out our FACEBOOK GROUPS by sport to find players, find teams for yourself. This way teams can build camradderie with a color profile and you'll know who you are playing a little better on the field. Also look for more leagues, more tournaments, more sports, and more social events. 


Q: I've read all this but still am confused or have an issue. PLEASE HELP!

A: Don't worry - I'm sure we can help. Get started by sending us your questions to Or for immediate help call 877-820-2582 x8. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.